Portugal·USA, 2011, FIC, HD, Colour, 18'30''
Director: Simão Cayatte
Producer: Elisa Lleras, SIMÃO CAYATTE & ELISA LLERAS
Script: Simão Cayatte
Photography: Carlos Nogueira de Melo
Editing: Simão Cayatte
Cármen Jimenez
Music: Agatha Kasprzyck
Sound: Carlos Mota
Main Actors: Margarida Carpinteiro, Orlando Costa
Original Idiom: Portuguese
Subtitles: English

António decides to break free of his mundane existence and bets all his money so he can rent a convertible and take Maria on a dream vacation to a beautiful house. They set off on the journey, but it seems that António forgot the map. The couple gets lost. Now António must choose: do they go back, or do they move forward, towards the unknown?

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