The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Robert Wiene, Germany, 1920, 1:16:00

6.07.2019 · 17:30
Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde – Sala Um

About 100 years since its debut, this is one of the founding films of the Expressionist movement in German cinema, and a shining example of this new way of filming, highlighted by themes of alterity and fantasy: a mad hypnotist called Dr. Caligari manipulates Cesare, a patient who is in his charge, so that he commits homicides during crises of sleepwalking.

Tiago Cutileiro, born in Lisbon in 1967, is a composer and sound artist. He graduated in Music Composition at the University of Évora. His work covers instrumental music, electronic music, sound and audiovisual installations, film and theatre music and has been presented mainly in Portugal but also in Spain, France and Germany. In 2014, he concluded his PhD in Music Composition about non-narrativity in contemporary music and its relationship with traditionally narrative musical genres. In this context, he composed the Opera “Tudo Nunca Sempre o Mesmo Diferente Nada.” His most recent works focus on the relationship between reality and artificiality in both music and visual arts.

Marta Navarro

Marta Navarro was born in Lisbon but she is albicastrense (from Castelo Branco). She has two degrees – Cello by the University of Évora and Musical Sciences by New University of Lisbon. After a few years as a teacher, she decides to move to Berlin, in 2009, and ends up in the German capital. She has worked in the most diverse musical projects, either in classical music, or in pop or rock bands, Flamenco and improvised music.

For the opening session of the 27th Curtas, it was chosen “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”, by Robert Wiene, which is about to celebrate its centenary, and it will be played live by Tiago Cutileiro and Marta Navarro. A Curtas’ commission to the duo, who wants to build an original sound environment for the German expressionist film.

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