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Solar Cinematic Art Gallery
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Sunday Drive

Jos Miguel Ribeiro, Portugal, 2009, 20 min

Can you keep a secret?... This Sunday will be different. We will not get into the car. Mom and dad will not argue and we will play on a garden of gigantic cabbages.


Kirk Hendry, UK, 2008, FIC/MV, 5'26
A tale of death and rebirth rages in a jungle world of shadowy hands

The BBC Electric Proms runs a scheme called New Music Shorts. In a nutshell, you choose one of three pre-selected music tracks, write a narrative treatment for it and cross your fingers... I wrote a treatment for a song called 'Round' by Mute Records artistXX Teens and was lucky enough to be comissioned to produce it. Kirk Hendry

Don't let it all unravel

Sarah Cox, Reino Unido, 2006, 2 min

Dont pull the end of the thread... Darn it...

This film plays on the stitch in time metaphor. It takes a long time to create something and not very long to destroy it. Knitting works as an appropriate vehicle for this message, we knitted beautiful animals and trees and landscapes but we destroyed them so easily, unpicking stitch by stitch and filming this as stop motion. Sarah Cox

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