Kolme Pukkia (Three Goats)

HEIKKI PREPULA, Finland, 2001, 4'
Three goats wish to cross a bridge guarde by the devil.

Le Trop Petit Prince (Pipsqueak Prince)

ZOIA TROFIMOVA, France, 2002, 7'
A little, maniacal man tenaciously applies himself to cleaning the marks that appear each day on the sun.

Porgand! (Carrot!)

PARTER TALL, Estonia, 2003, 7'
A hare is weary of looking at the carrot that serves as the nose on a snowman. Starving, he decides to chase it, and to satisfy his stomach. The snowman disguises himeself to escape the hare.

Ernst I Svommhallen (Ernst at the swimming-pool)

ALICE DE CHAMOFLEURY, Denmark, 2000, 7'
Ernst and his mother go to the swimming-pool. As his mother buys the tickets, Ernst looks at the enormous indoor pool through a window. He sees a pretty young girl and a huge diving-board. After putting on his costume, he prepares to jump into the water.

Hochbetrieb (Nuts and Bolts)

ANDREAS KREIN, Germany, 2003, 6'
High up on a building-site scaffoldingAn apprentice, his frog, the foreman and a lunch break which never existed.

Bizgeci: Cesnje (The Beezes: Cherries)

GREGA MASTNAK, Slovenia, 2003, 5'
The Bizgeci-Cesnje are adorable feathered creatures living in the steppes. They symbolise the reconciliation between primates and birds. When summer arrives, they cannot resist the sight of cherries.

Jolly Roger

MARK BAKER, United Kingdom, 1995, 11'
Jolly Roger tells the story of three characters sailing the high seas : Captain Jolly, Captain Roger and Estelle. They are travelling with a very authoritarian parrot who spends his time giving orders to his comrades.

Der Storch (The Stork)

KLAUS MORSCHENSER, Germany, 2002, 8'
Everyone knows that storks deliver babies. And the storks only ask for one thing : that nobody asks them any questions.

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