Shermans March: A Meditation on the Possibility of Romantic Love in the South During an Era of Nuclear Weapons Proliferation
Ross McElwee

155 EUA 1986, 16mm 23rd OCTOBER 16H AND 21.45H Sunday
International sales: Homemade Movies Festivals and Awards: Sundance Film Festival 1986 - Best Feature Documentary USA Film Festival (Dallas) 1986 - Special Jury Award Ross McElwee sets out to make a documentary about the lingering effects of General Sherman's march of destruction through the South during the Civil War, but is continually sidetracked by women who come and go in his life, his recurring dreams of nuclear holocaust, and Burt Reynolds. An autobiographical documentary on life, love, nuclear preparedness, and the various neuroses of General William Sherman.

A Decent Factory
Thomas Balmés

79 Frana 2004 27th DE OCTOBER 21.45H Thursday
Is it possible to make profit and be ethical? Ethical questions are coming more critical for Western companies when they are moving their production to the countries of cheap labour. A Decent Factory follows the Ethical Researcher of Nokia company on her trip to China to examine suppliers of Nokia. Clashes between cultures, between ethics and profits, become obvious in this new documentary film by Thomas Balms. The film follows what happens when a puritan Nordic person with no historical experience of colonialism is facing the realities of globalisation through her own work.

Bright Leaves
Ross McElwee

EUA, 2003, 107, 35mm 30th OCTOBER 16H E 21.45H Sunday
International sales: Homemade Movies Festivals and Awards: Museum of Modern Art (MOMA): McElwee Retrospective (New York), 2005; Shuswap Film Festival, 2005; Pittsburg Film Festival, 2004; Brisbane International Film Festival, 2004; Melbourne International Film Festival, 2004; Seattle International Film Festival, 2004; Goteborg Film Festival, 2004 International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2004; Torino Film Festival, 2003; AFI FEST , 2003; Copenhagen International Documentary, 2003; New York Film Festival, 2003; Flanders International Film Festival, 2003; Sheffield International Documentary Festival, 2003; Toronto International Film Festival, 2003; tats Gnraux du Documentaire de Lussas, 2003; Cannes Film Festival - Directors' Fortnight, 2003. This film describes a journey taken across the social, economic, and psychological tobacco terrain of North Carolina by a native Carolinian whose great-grandfather created the famous brand of tobacco known as "Bull Durham." Bright Leaves is a subjective, autobiographical meditation on the allure of cigarettes and their troubling legacy for the state of North Carolina. It's about loss and preservation, addiction and denial. And it's about filmmaking - homemovie, documentary, and fiction filmmaking - as the filmmaker fences with the legacy of an obscure Hollywood melodrama that is purportedly based on his great-grandfather's life. Bright Leaves explores the notion of legacy - what one generation passes down to the next - and how this can be a particularly complicated topic when the legacy under discussion is a Southern one and is tied to tobacco.

Alimentation Générale
Chantal Briet

84 Frana 2005 6th NOVEMBER 16H AND 21.45H - Sunday
In Epinay-sur-Seine, in the neighborhood called la Source, Ali's grocery store is the only shop of the decayed shopping center still in business. It's also the only place left for the forsaken inhabitants of the surrounding tower blocks to meet, a shelter where they can get together and exchange. By filming time going by, on their faces, on their destiny, this chronicle shows the importance of such a place, a small store in the middle of the project, where in spite of difficulties and poverty, people still share user-friendliness, laughter, human warmth.

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