Solo This [exibition]( is populated by characters and places lost in time which return as disturbing phantasmagorical visions, images and memories that were established a long time ago in Daniel Blaufuks personal work. The vitality of the past is revisited and revived establishing a common ground among his video work and participating in a construction of stories against oblivion.

Curator: Dario Oliveira
Organization: Curtas Metragens CRL
High sponsorship: Cmara Municipal de Vila do Conde, Ministrio da Cultura, Direco-Geral das Artes
Support:, Cision
Production: Raquel Moreira
Davide Freitas, Luis Gouveia, Sofia Reis
Sponsoring in communication: Hugo Ramos, Raquel Moreira
Press: Carolina Medeiros
Graphic design:Andr Cruz

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