Exhibition Montage
17:30 - 20:00, Solar - Cinematic Art Gallery e Centro de Memria
Filipa Csar was born in Porto in 1975, lives and works in Berlin. Csar is an artist and filmmaker whose work reflects on the porous nature of the relationship between the moving image and its public reception. Informed by her interests in exploring the fictional aspects of the documentary genre, and imbued with an urge to point out the politics behind moving images, her films walk the thin line between storytelling, chronicling, documentary, and experimental film. Csars installations suggest possible settings for an expanded production of moving images, which actively engage the spectator in his or her role as perceiver, and which are constituted by the presence of socio-political concerns. In Filipa Csars work the image evolves out of a struggle between real-memory and cinema-memory. Winner this year of the 6th BES Photo competition, Filipa Csar studied at the School of Fine Arts in Oporto and Lisbon and completed a Masters (MA Art in Context) at the Berlin University of the Arts (UDK). Among other exhibitions, her work has been shown at the 8th Istanbul Biennial, 2003; Kunsthalle, Vienna, 2004; Museu Serralves, 2005; Locarno Festival, 2005; Contemporary Art Gallery (CAG), Vancouver, 2006; Tate Modern, 2007; St. Gallen Museum, 2007; International Triennale of Contemporary Art, Prague, 2008; SF MOMA, 2009; 12th Biennale of Architecture, Venice; 29th So Paulo Biennial and Manifesta 8, Cartagena, 2010.

The Montage exhibition consists of a set of videos and installations produced between 2007 and 2010. Rapport, The Four Chambered Heart, Memograma and Allee Der Kosmonauten constitute the core of the exhibition and are displayed at the Solar Cinematic Art Gallery. Also presented at the Centro de Memria are the installations Le Passeur and Porto, 1975, the artists latest film.
Curators Nuno Rodrigues and Doreen Mende
Artistic direction Nuno Rodrigues, Mrio Micaelo, Miguel Dias, Dario Oliveira
Produced by Curtas Metragens CRL
Exhibition project coordinator Davide Freitas Exhibition set up Hugo Ramos Sponsoring , Production, Exhibition set up Raquel Moreira Sponsoring Jussara Oliveira Public relations Daniel Ribas Press Andr Vieira Spot video Pedro Maia High sponsorship Ministrio da Cultura, Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual, Cmara Municipal de Vila do Conde
Communication support Cision, ArteCapital.net, RTP2
Collaboration Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art

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