Video SD, colour, sound, 16 min.
Director, script, photography and montage: Filipa Csar
Sound: Magnus Pfger
Production: Nina Sang

This film is based on the documenting of a neuron-linguistic programming (NLP) seminar attended by a group of executives in Germany in 2007. By means of character-building exercises, participants model their behavior in order to achieve a higher level of performance in their work and consequently success. Cinematic mechanisms are evoked and applied in the modeling exercises in order to create levels of abstraction that can enable personality re-programming.

PORTO, 1975

16mm film transferred to HD video, colour, sound, 9 min. 40 sec.
Director, script, photography and montage: Filipa Csar
Assistant director: Mnica Lima
Photography: Matthias Biber and Aurlio Vasques
Photography Assistant: Peter Holeber
Sound: Anton Feist
Sound recording: Bruno Grilo
Production: Susana Lamaro
Voice over: Alexandre Alves Costa
Set design: Guilherme Monteiro
Set team: Stay on Scene
Carpenter: David Leite
Colour grading: Nico Hauter
Flame Artist: Philipp Fehling
Subtitling: Chris Foster
Funded by Direco-Geral das Artes / Ministrio da Cultura.

Applying the same economy used in Allee der Kosmonauten (one sole unrolling 16 mm film role with no montage) a long tracking shot at the Cooperativa das guas Frreas da Boua, a social housing complex designed by lvaro Siza Vieira and an integral part of the SAAL (Servio Ambulatrio de Apoio Social, 1974-76) programme. The place is Oporto, in 2010, but the memory of the complex circumstances surrounding the construction of these dwellings take us back to 1975 and a tumultuous moment in Portugals past.


HD video, colour, sound, 40 min.
Director, script, photography and montage: Filipa Csar
Assistant Director: Mnica Lima
Sound: Miguel Carvalho
Sound re-recording mixer: Magnus Pfger
Subtitles: Chris Foster, Mnica Lima, Erik Smith With: scar Alves, Sao Jos Almeida, Timothy Coates, Fernando Cascais, Hugo Cavaco, Francisco Palma Dias, Jacinto Palma Dias, Wolfgang Neumann, Bernardo Fisher S Nogueira, Irene Pimentel
16mm transferred to video HD, black and white, silent, 10 min.
Director and photography: Marco Martins
Assistant Director: Antnio Ribeiro
Montage: Filipa Csar
Production: Mnica Lima
Cast: Joana Barrios, Mnica Calle

Memograma shows a landscape featuring a mount of salt in the Castro Marim nature reserve onto which have been superimposed different voices discussing the locations history and its use as a place of detention and forced labour. The translation of sin into salt. Shown alongside this is another film, Insert, filmed using 16 mm black & white reversal, which creates staged images on the same landscape that interfere with the words of the witnesses in Memograma.


Video HDV, colour, sound, 28 min. 30 sec.
Director: Filipa Csar
Assistant Director: Mai Omer
Photography: Mossi Armon, Mor Peleg, Maya Geyer
Sound: Daniel Meir
Sound recording: Benya Reches
With: Aya Abu Ras, Dua Abu Ras, Ismail Abu Algian, Wala Agbariya, Ahmed Awisat, Natalie Baron, Yuval Ben-Basat, Barak Ben Dov, Galit Eilat (moderator), Hagai Ben Kuzari, Fahami Elamur, Muhamed Gama, Anas Ganaym, Yasmin Gara, Madlin Jabar, Yam Komah, Tahar Muslmani, Amani Msarwa, Mor Peleg, Ofr Raul Graizer, Maya Shahnovich, Nahar Shabtay, Hagar Shapira, Karem Shaib, Siraj Haj Yehiya, Mona Warda

A group of Israeli flm students gathered together in a workshop discuss the flm La Pyramide Humaine (1959) by Jean Rouch. Gradually, the discussion about the film provokes a debate about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, before moving on to reflections about love and common anxieties and culminating in criticism of outside interference in the conflict.

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