16mm transferred to video HD, video HDV, colour, sound, 34 min. 30 sec.
Director, script and montage: Filipa Csar
Montage Assistant: Bruno Grilo
Photography: Aurlio Vasques
Photography Assistant: Joo Miguel Branco
Sound re-recording mixer: Magnus Pfger
Sound recording: Raquel Jacinto
Crane Operator: Gonalo Colao
Subtitles: Chris Foster
Production: Alexandre Azinheira
With: Manuel Jos Carrilho de Simas Santos, Candida Laurinda Alves de Simas Santos, Marcelo Correia Ribeiro, Jos Teixeira Gomes

Two flms, each projected onto one side of the same two-sided screen. Viewers of one film are unable to see the other. In the first, four people recount their actions as passeurs, smugglers involved in clandestine networks who helped to get people out of the country between 1971 and 1975 for political reasons and/or due to desertion. In the other, three different long takes intersect the River Trancoso, a tributary of the River Minho that marks the border between Portugal and Spain where the clandestine activities took place.


16mm transferred to video HD, colour, sound, 8 min. 17 sec.
Director: Filipa Csar
Photography: Matthias Biber
Photography Assistant: Andy Haas
Crane Operator: Arne Hartlnder
Crane Assistant: Martin Hanselmayr
Production: Nina Sang
Associate Producer: Wassili Zygouris

Allee der Kosmonauten is an avenue in East Germany whose name celebrates the Soviet astronaut Waleri Bykowski and German astronaut Sigmund Jhn for their involvement in the Soviet space programme in 1978. The film consists of a long take (one sole unrolling 16 mm film role with no montage) of the avenue capturing the scenario of the commuter town, with its modular architecture (Plattenbau) in which the buildings characterise the typical construction of Eastern European countries of the time. At a certain point in the filming, the moving image succumbs to a loss of gravity and floats 15 meters up into the sky.

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