João Onofre + Adolfo Luxúria Canibal

UNTITLED (мій голос)
After saying a phrase in Ukrainian, a woman lying on a sofa gets up and sits down, only to lie down again.

A poem by Adolfo Lxuria Cannibal is recited by a woman in her voice and in the voice of the author voiced over by the woman.

HD, color, sound, 4'47'' loop

Directed by: Joo Onofre
Text: Adolfo Luxria Canibal
Starring: Nadiya Sabelkina
Director of Photography: Leonardo Simes
/Music: Antnio Rafael
Editor: Patrcia Saramago
Costume designer: Ricardo Preto
Boom Operator: Quintino bastos
Make-up: Nn Benjamim
Make-up assistant: Elodie
Camera: David Valado
Production: Onofre Studio
Technical Suppliers: Planar, LX Filmes, Cinemate, Pastelaria Versailles

Thanks to: Manuela Ribas, Adriana aboim, Carlos Almeida, Ana Bilbao, Nuno Rodrigues.

© 2020 Curtas Vila do Conde