From his first works and exhibitions in the 90s to the latest ones, Miguel Palmas artistic production has reflected a dynamic of continuity, of work in progress, which stands at the foundation of a long-course, immune to erosion, perspective on research. At Solar Gallery, Miguel Palma presents Density, a body of works that highlights processes, movements, qualities or physical states, by way of mechanical experiences, which relate meaningfully with the complexity and the contingencies of existing in the contemporary world. Endowed with a sharp sense of irony, his proposal is to reveal that everything can be transformed into something else.

Pedro dos Reis is the artist invited by Miguel Palma to develop a new project for the Cave initiative, launched by Solar. Most of Pedro dos Reiss works, assuming the shape of photographic essays on moments, show us places in different spatial and temporal contexts of urban life. In the present exhibition, starting from a simple and objective message Sometimes the best way to find something is to move away from it Pedro dos Reis refers us to the domain of experience and of the observation of its images. Projected in a slide installation, it highlights different perceptions of the relationship we establish with the places we pass by. In a game that underlines the incoherence of mobility, distance can in the end represent an encounter and proximity can confront us with the distance of the already known.

For the two exhibitions will be published a catalogue which expands the meeting with the exhibited works and documents each project, by means of sharing dialogues that stimulated both conversation and writing around the experience of art, here in a rare combination of sculpture, photography and cinematic objects.

Miguel Palma

Pedro dos Reis


Organization: Curtas Metragens CRL
Solar - Funded by: Presidency of the Council of Ministers/Secretary of State for Culture, Municipality of Vila do Conde
Advertising Support: Cision,, Metro do Porto, RTP2

Artistic Direction: Nuno Rodrigues, Mrio Micaelo, Miguel Dias, Dario Oliveira
Exhibition Curator: Sandra Vieira Jrgens
Production Coordination: Davide Freitas
Exhibition Set Up: Davide Freitas, Ivo Teixeira, Francisca Gonalves
Production, Institutional Support: Raquel Moreira
Sponsors: Jussara Oliveira
Publishing: Daniel Ribas
Press: Felicidade Ramos
Video Spot: Pedro MaiaGraphic Design: DROP

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