Grass, 2011

Three synchronized 16mm projections, 2:00 min. loop, ventilators
Projection dimensions 135 x 180 cm each

Three synchronized projections of a duplicated image of high grass fluttering in the wind in a hot late-afternoon light. This vegetation, particular to the seaside at Saint-Marc-sur-Mer, turns from yellow to red as sunset falls. The windy effect is enhanced by ventilators scattered in the space as if instigating the turbulent movement of the grass and tying together the projected two dimensional images and the space in which they are displayed.

Glass Filmatruc n°2 – Birds, 2009-10

16mm projection, glass ball, motor
Projection variable dimensions

Suspended from the ceiling, a metal ball to which dozens of glass plates are attached is set in circular motion. A projection in black and white of birds taking flight is reflected on the glass pieces and is scattered by fraction around the entire space. Effected by the ventilators in the space the glass pieces create a chiming sound instilling a dream-like soundscape to the room's surrounding.

Wire/Rope Filmatruc, 2005/11

8mm projection, wire, motor
Projection variable dimensions

This Filmatruc consists of a halyard attached to a motor. Once a motor is turned on the wire twirls around it rapidly creating an illusion of a ball. At the same time a projection is momentarily fixed onto it and an image of a fish appears, first inflating and taking the shape of the ball, then shrinking back

Aquarium Filmatruc, 2003/11

16mm projection, fishbowl, motor, plastic fish skeleton.
Projection variable dimensions.

In the foreground, a projector and its beam; in the middle distance, a fish skeleton; further behind, a round aquarium used as a magnifying glass; in the background, the wall. The projector’s beam, through a system precisely adjusted, projects a giant and sharp shadow of the fish skeleton, floating in the room in endless circles.

Glass Filmatruc n°1, Horizon, 2009/11

16mm projection, table, metal frame, glass plates
Projection variable dimensions

A looped projection of fragmented scenes from beach life – the open horizon, a fisherman's hut, children and dogs playing in the water, residents collecting varieties of shellfish – screened upon dozens of glass plates multiplying and scattering the images on the space's walls creating a collage of pictorial and optical impressions.

Suddenly Last Summer, 2011

Three digital frames
10" frame each

Three multimedia digital frames hang on the wall displaying sequences of vacation scenes, originally filmed in Super8 as fragmented old home movies now transferred to digital media. The sequences "traverse" from one frame to the other in a rhythmic play of correspondence creating a frivolous choreography of mundane seaside events.

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