video16:9, sound, 10'

Disconcerting, mysterious family drama where the paths of a shaman, a lonely woman and a young boy will cross and slip away. Provost creates an alarming world filled with fear, sexuality and alienation, eagerly exploiting the manipulative opportunities offered by cinema and the sensorial shock it engenders.

Nicolas Provost

graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Gent, Belgium in 1994 but spent the last two years of his studies as an exchange student experimenting with video at the academy in Bergen, Norway. Provost spends the next 8 years in Oslo working as an illustrator, graphic designer and art director. In 1999 he starts making films again that quickly find their way to international film and visual art platforms. His work is a reflection on the grammar of cinema and the relation between visual art and the cinematic experience. His films ‘Moving Stories’, ‘Stardust’, ‘Long Live the New Flesh’, ‘Plot Point’, ‘Suspension’, ‘Gravity’, ‘Papillon d’amour’ and ‘Exoticore’ have been broadcast, screened and exhibited worldwide and have been awarded at prestigious festivals including The Berlinale, The Venice Film Festival, The Sundance Film Festival, The San Francisco International Filmfestival and The Viennale. His awarded first feature film 'The Invader' had it's worldpremiere at the Venice Film Festival 2011.

Nicolas Provost

Born in Viseu in 1962. He completed the course in Painting at the Oporto School of Fine Arts (ESBAP) in 1987. While studying at the ESBAP he was a co-founder of the “Missionário” Group. He has organized national and international exhibitions of painting, mail art and performance; He was the author of and presenter of the radio programmes “Choose a Finger” and “Reduced Atmosphere” on the XFM radio station between 1995 and 1996. In 1992, on the occasion of the exhibition "Mute... life", he founds the collective Multimedia Mute Life dept. (MLd). Sound production since 1992, participating in concerts, performances, audio editions in Portugal and abroad. He is a co-founder and one of the members of the experimental electronic music project @c. He is a co-founder and one of the members of the Media Label Crónica. He has been professor at the Oporto Fine Arts Faculty since 1999. He has regularly exhibited in Portugal and abroad since 1982. He has regularly work in stage design since 2000 He lives and works in Oporto.

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