Rogrio Nuno Costa [aka Riku Nuutti Koistinen]

The art of bowing to the Eastwithout mooning the West

Or about Third Way Ethics & Aesth(Ethics)

For a new global ethical, aesthetical, political, sociological and philosophical order, Terceira Via [Third Way] eradicates the ethics of good taste, ambiguity, the (un)instituted narrative, creativity, originality, irony, babblology, all the coming backs, trendsectarisms and the respective new blacks, the gasification of art, the industrial solidification of art, the generic concept (therefore, commercial) of "performativity", the hipsterization of artistic practice (i.e., reducing art, and all the rest, to the subject field of Design), delegating responsibility to the spectator, the caste system, the relationship of oneself with others, the long established confusion between Art and Sports (also known as mediatic "medalization" of theartlethe), the art that looks like art and the one that looks like things which arent Art and, in general, all para-artistic practice (from the reception by the audience to the criticism, from production to promotion) which falls into first or second way regimes. In other words, Terceira Via [Third Way] eradicates the 20th century. And all centuries before that. And all centuries coming ahead. Terceira Via [Third Way] also eradicates the Present it is quantumly timeless, spaceless, ahistorical and amoral. In other words, Terceira Via [Third Way] is anaesthetic because of aesth(ethics): The glass is neither half empty nor half full it is just a glass! Terceira Via [Third Way] subscribes a sceptical and discredited triplicity. Sceptically and discreditably.
in The Law of the Terceira Via [Third Way]
After "Residncia (Artstica)" and "Realpolitik" (2012), "Terceira Via" closes the Year Zero (biennium 2012/13) of the macro-project "Universidade/Yliopisto". It dbuts in December 2013, with the release of the Intervention Plano for Year One (biennium 2013/14). This will be the second public intervention, therefore political, of the Project Terceira Via [Third Way]; the first one occurred last March, as a result of the artist-in-residence programme 6x6 proposed by the Ncleo de Experimentao Coreogrfica (Porto). At that time, the intervention meant to establish a macro-party trans-universal, post-dogmatic and Finlandised, with epicentre in the Baltic and more significant quakes in the Peripheral urope. Currently, within the context of the Project Cuidados Intensivos [Intensive Care], services provided to future sympathisers (installation) will be epersonalised and durational. TERCEIRA VIA [THIRD WAY] puts forward an aesth(ethics), therefore prophyl(arctic), purification of the Mediterranean disease (in Latin: Azeitegeist [Oliveoilgeist]). In order to attend the conferences, you are requested to present a PIIGS type identification element and to read attentively the hygiene regulations (ISO 1+1=3) at the following link:

(Performance presented in Portuguese, English and Finnish)

Installation/Performance: Rogrio Nuno Costa
Assistance: Ctia Pinheiro
Photography: Flvio Rodrigues
Support to the artist-in-residence (Porto): Ncleo de Experimentao Coreogrfica
Support to the artist-in-residence (Helsinki): HIAP
Thanks to: Circular Associao Cultural, Curtas Metragens CRL, Solar Galeria de Arte Cinemtica
Support: Fundao Calouste Gulbenkian

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