Artist Statement

Lamas works with hybrid documentary and artistic projects that tread new paths in form and content. These works aim to challenge conventional methods of film production just as much as they should cross the defining lines between various filmic and artistic forms of aesthetic expression.
The projects she focus on, are an attempt to dissolve the apparent border between documentary and fiction; with an interest in the intrinsic relationship between storytelling, memory, and history, while using the moving image to explore the traumatically repressed, seemingly unrepresentable, or historically invisible, from the horrors of colonial violence to the landscapes of global capital.
Rather than conventionally dwelling in the periphery between cinema and the visual arts, fiction and documentary, she has been attempting to make these languages my own, challenging the lines between genres and modes of exhibition. Fearless films, both in the formal and narrative risks they take, and in their physical performance, as we see the author trapped, hanging, falling or sitting silently behind the camera, in a fertile occupation of a no mans land. Most of her works are launched by a journey to an unknown reality, that she consciously occupies as a strange body clashing against the surroundings, triggering drama and patiently waiting for reality to become extraordinary.

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