Edge Effect

Mariana Cal and Francisco Queimadela Portugal, 2017, dual channel video Installation, 1440, loop

Effect Orla happens in an installation environment that evokes the spectrum of the Iberian lynx, through an imaginary construction that goes to the places inhabited by this animal, and follows the kinetic suggestion of its presence, that is described as evasive and as almost invisible, that it "cant be seen, only intuited. We hear reports of sightings shared in the first person, mostly violent events associated with its disappearance.

Attracted by the collective imagination around the figure of the Iberian lynx, we travelled around the region of Serra da Malcata, over the lands that have witnessed its disappearance in the last decades.
The descriptions of the lynx define it as an evasive and almost invisible animal, which "cant be seen, only intuited." Mythology connects this animal to secrecy and to the revelation of hidden truths, to clairvoyance, to the world of the dead, to the edge of the places forbidden to Man, to the sun and to the light.
In the Edge Effect, we evoked the lynx spectrum by going to the places where the animal lived and by registering reports of shared sightings in the first person, mostly violent episodes, associated with the current state of preservation and the imminent risk of extinction.
In this installation, which consists of two synchronous and juxtaposed projections, we tried to establish a constant relationship between verticality and gravity, sky and earth, between micro and macro scales, inducing states that oscillate between the will to contemplate and a state of alertness - a sense of emergency that we associate with the disappearance of the lynx. We conduct an imagery construction that meets the atmosphere where the stories were born, but that is fleeting, camouflaged, following the cadence of the day until dusk. We were also interested in introducing elements of displacement that contrasted with the weight of the words, often to suggest an unfolding of the images significance, or to highlight aspects analogous to the lynx's physiology and symbology.
The idea of working with optical disks came up early in the process. These elements were drawn and recorded in places where some of the sightings occurred and they refer to notions of apparition, illusion, dazzle, camouflage and speed, which we relate to the idea of an invisible presence that continues to orbit.

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