Ubi Sunt II

HD video installation, 2:39, color, stereo sound, 90min loop. Portugal, 2017
In collaboration with Christoph Both – Asmus

Commission: Câmara Municipal do Porto – Pelouro da Cultura
Production: Salomé Lamas, O Som e a Furia, Curtas Metragens CRL / Solar – Galeria de Arte Cinematica
Aditional support: Centro Educativo Santo António – Direção Geral dos Serviços Prisionais, Screen Miguel Nabinho, ZTFlores, DGartes –Direção Geral das Artes
Support: Câmara Municipal do Porto – Pelouro da Cultura

15.10.2016 Lisbon, Portugal – A few days after the performance Christoph Both-Asmus text message read: “With the approaching tidal flow it became simultaneously cold and wet from below and warm from above. I felt lingering between water and fire. (…)” I was intrigued when he mentioned that the touch of the flowers was perhaps gentler than the human touch. I let the performance run until his wish.

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