The 14th Vila do Conde Shorts kicked off with a multimedia installation exhibition opening at Solar Gallery. "Frame by Frame" and "Waterfall" were conceived by Peter Tscherkassky and Apichatpong Weerasethakul, respectively, two of the filmmakers featured in 2006. "Frame by Frame" was an absolutely unprecedented event at every level. A commission made by Vila do Conde to the Austrian director, this was the first exhibition Tcherkassky has ever devised. Solar hosted a project whose structure is strongly connected with his own working process: fragments of his work were disassembled using a series of light boxes which were displayed in such a way as to function as paintings. With its world premire at this year's Festival, "Waterfall" was one of our commissions showned at the Cinematic Art Gallery. Shot in the Thai jungle last May, "Waterfall" continues the saga of atmospheres which are very dear to the author of the magnificent Tropical Malady, where sketches of narratives, ruptures and abstraction interchange, gradually deconstructing the concept of sequence. Unexpected and evocative, "Waterfall" is an extreme and mysterious statement due to its freedom and its landscape an unknown place from which images arise as in pictorial gestures.
Curators: Dario Oliveira and Nuno Rodrigues Organization and production: Curtas Metragens CRL, Nuno Rodrigues, Mrio Micaelo, Miguel Dias, Dario Oliveira, Lus Urbano Production Team: Davide Freitas, Pedro Cardoso, Pedro Maia, Jorge Barbosa Sponsoring in communication and press: Hugo Ramos e Ins Aleixo Support: Cmara Municipal de Vila do Conde

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