French Literature. She lives in Lisbon since 1991. Employing diverse languages and media, she works extensively between graphic and visual arts. She has directed several documentary films. “After my literary studies and several years of cultural programming in Italy, I worked as a curator and director of cinematographic publications (collaborating with the Cinemateca Portuguesa in Lisbon). In 1998 I directed my first documentary film about the gypsy community in Portugal. I continued to focus on themes related to nomadism, migration and interculturalism and made diverse films and installations between 1999 and 2004. Combining my interest in the poetry of movement and images, for cinema and for contemporary dance, I also developed my quest around the relationship between images and the performing arts. Reflections about reality, the subject of time and relationships with the public led me to alternately opt for the narrative form of films or video installations.” (L.F.) She is currently engaged in creating a gallery of portraits in movement. The installations “CHANT portraits”, “MOUVEMENT portraits”, “VUE portraits” and “REFLECTION portraits” (2004-2006) are part of this project. In 2004/2006 she directed two films about performing arts and intercultural practices. “O Encontro” and “Le Réseau”.

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