CHANT portraits

2004, 3DVD, 60min with Carla Bolito, Vera Mantero, Isabel Ruth prod. Temps dImages/Dupla Cena
CHANT portraits, 60 minutes for a portrait of three Portuguese artists - Carla Bolito, Vera Mantero, Isabel Ruth - three different generations of artists from the world of theatre, dance and cinema. Between the time of a song and that of a portrait, I worked the maximum length of my support (60 minutes), the chant, the frontality and the triptych composition. This work was created for the Temps dImages Festival in Lisbon, in Chantiers, a space for dialogue between the visual arts, cinema and performing arts.

MOUVEMENT portraits

2006, 2DVD, 11 min with Aysh Orhon, Marine Broise, Mala Kline, Claudine Zimmer, Estelle Delcambre, Nina Dipla, Frdric Pouillaude, Myriam Lefkowitz, Adil Bouh, Laure Visse prod. Iaf within the scope of a partnership with Dansem, Marseille/Lluis Ayet-A
Ten dancers portrayed immediately after an intense work session, introducing a reflection about the principle of movement with varying time exposures, related with the process of recovery and thoughts of each dancer. For the installation I chose a double, mirror-like composition. I filmed and directed the first study for this installation in Marseille, during a workshop on contemporary dance and images, directed by the choreographer Lluis Ayet and myself.

VUE portraits

2006, 3DVD, 35min with Nejib Ben Kalfallah, Lea Capkova, Srgio Joo Madlate, Lacina Coulibaly, Andr Lepecki, Carlos Oliveira, Danya Hammoud, Maria Clara Villa-Lobos, Domingos Amosse Bi, Linda Samaraweerova, Paula Varanda, Elizabeth Corbett, Lus da Rosa, Marcela Levi, Boyzie Cekwana, Zoe and Thierry Johnson Randrianjanaka, Vera Mantero, Keng Sen Ong. prod. LAF, within the scope of a partnership with Danas na Cidade.
VUE portraits is a project based on vision and visual memory. In these portraits the view from a window, the image evoked by the artists being portrayed, overcomes the image of face. A series of portraits with varying durations comprising multiple projections. The portraits were filmed in Lisbon with performers from diverse countries around the world.


2005/6, 2DVD, 21min with Mnica Calle and Livia Serpieri (based on the film of Visconti SENSO and a the theatre piece by Carlos Pimenta, Luciana Fina and Mnica Calle, prod. Teatro Nacional D. Maria II).
For a theatre project called SENSO and based on the film by Luchino Visconti, I filmed the portrait of the actress Mnica Calle at Teatro La Fenice, the place of the famous opening sequence of the film. The installation is a composition built around two main rhetrorical figures of the film: the mirror and the theatre.

Il Distacco

2006, 1 DVD, 8min
A sequence around the moment in which the portrait ends. World premier at Solar - the Cinematic Art Gallery.

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