Solar - Cinematic Art Gallery hosts another exhibition held in the scope of ANIMAR, in 2021. This exhibition will be the center of a set of diversified activities that, besides exploring the relationships between cinema and other arts, promotes playful learning in different fields of artistic creativity and, at the same time, promotes the decoding of contents, through the documentation and demonstration of the processes that lead to the creation of works, from the initial idea to other stages of its development.

The proposed activities are aimed at a wide range of audiences, with emphasis on the education of children and young students in schools, from the younger ones to the university, not forgetting children and their families.

The ANIMAR 16 program, which, for the first time, also includes outdoor and online film sessions dedicated to various age groups, although focused on animation cinema, also includes other areas of cinema, such as documentaries, providing an opportunity to show some of the relevant short films in recent national production, focusing on the history of Portuguese animation in the 21st century.
This exhibition brings together a set of films and animation projects by Julia Ocker, Natália Azevedo Andrade and João Gonzalez, as well as an installation by Tânia Dinis, developed during an artistic residency held at Solar in 2020. This is the creation of a meeting point between works and creators in the scope of ANIMAR's themes, where a conjugation of projects between the universe of animation and documentary is evidenced. In addition to the artistic installations motivated by elements highlighted in the different films, aspects of plastic creation or scenery used in animated sequences, a route will be explored that will make known a set of works that have the sea as a binding element. The art installations were imagined and developed in a collaborative work between Solar's team, the artists and the ARISCA educational team, exploring various devices and their articulations with the gallery space, reflecting the creative processes involved in different films. Besides this exhibition, ANIMAR 16 promotes visits at the gallery, outdoor cinema sessions and cinema sessions at the Vila do Conde Municipal Theater. At schools it promotes the "Kit Escolas", a creative journey into the world of animation cinema, through the rock art and optical devices of pre-cinema. Workshops will take place, with emphasis in animation cinema, but also in documentary, through activities that constitute a set of new tools, means and methodologies that introduce the principle of learning through a playful and participatory experience. A proposal to raise awareness of art, through the decoding of the moving image and the mobilization of transversal knowledge, stimulating the imagination through the principle of learning to play.

The online programming, allows throughout Animar 16, an alternative for all those who, at home and all over the country, will not be able to access the activities proposed in the gallery and in Vila do Conde, and thus will be able to know the cinematographic work of the creators in focus, as well as their creative processes, through interviews and short films.

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