Regina Pessoa, 1999, colour, 7’35’’ Animation technique: Painting and carving on plaster plates
It's the story of a child and her mother, two lives that don't communicate with each other. Is that loneliness that sometimes reaches the size of the night. Dark is the night. Dark is the mother. And dark becomes the entire Universe when you are alone and abandoned.


Mário Jorge da Silva Neves, 1999, colour, 3’ Animation technique: Puppet animation
A TV set wakes up and tries to tune himself up, but with no success.


José Pedro Cavalheiro, 2000, colour, 2’ Animation technique: Drawing on paper, computer 2D
In a white empty background, four honest citizens scratch each other in a haste, finding the real dimension of their yard.


Joana Toste, 2005, colour, 3’20’’ Animation technique: Drawing, photography, computer 2D
A portrait of the horrible, terrible, tortuous and unbearable small dramas of everyday life.


Agostinho Marques, 2004, colour, 8’ Animation technique: computer 3D
Cosme, an easygoing cosmonaut with a turbulent love live, finds himself roaming a backwater sevtor of space with no gas and in for one heck of a surprise...


Abi Feijó, 2000, colour, 7’ Animation technique: Sand animation
On a cold and dreary Christmas Eve, in a glommy fogbound seaport, docks a tired old freighter. Deep in its hold, a stowaway is hiding. The crew members leave the ship and go their separate ways. After nightfall, the stowaway tries to make it to dry land by sliding down a rope, but he is paralysed with fear. Using sand animation on underlit glass plates, Stowaway is adapted from a story by the Portuguese writer José Rodrigues Miguéis. Profoundly melancholy in its expressive and richly textured imagery, the film is about one man's agonizing struggle for freedom.


Pedro Serrazina, 1995, black&white, 5’ Animation technique: Drawing on paper
A poem. A tale made of silence and cumplicity. Light and shadows, the charm of the night, the moon as a passion... This is a tale about someone who tried to make the dream come true, the tale about the cat and the moon.


José Miguel Ribeiro, 2004, colour, 2’30’’ Animation Technique: Volume animation, drawing and painting
In a world where iron and land mix themselves creating unexpected cities, the wind blows life among leaves in the eternal rebirth cycle.

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