Individual and Collaborative Works

Revisitations was the first exhibition these two authors have presented in Portugal. The show has been being prepared for four months in close collaboration with the authors so that it could be adapted to the space provided by Solar. Besides choosing a series of individual and joint works which have never been shown in Portugal, the pair has created three new pieces specifically for this event.
Solar's planned programming also aspires to mirror the creation of ties to the residual memory of the affirmation of artists/directors who have been linked to Curtas Metragens CRL?s other activities, namely the International Short Film Festival of Vila do Conde. For this opening we have been inspired by the work of two artists, Christoph Girardet and Matthias Müller, and from their various stays in town. It was the many short films in cinema and video, shown in competitions or special programmes as well as in installations, coupled with a production commissioned by ISFFVC for its 10th anniversary that resulted in ?Beacon? a magnificent 15 minute work made in 2002, that provided the reason for the birth of this project, justified, because of it, by the primeval character of the articulations with the creative processes and the author?s careers and the indisputable intrinsic quality of the work on show. To complement the exhibition, there was a parallel film cycle which included some of their most important short films offering a unique opportunity to see their most recent productions or to re-visit the beginnings of their careers. Curators: Mário Micaelo e Nuno Rodrigues.
Curator: Nuno Rodrigues Organization and production: Curtas Metragens CRL, Nuno Rodrigues, Mário Micaelo, Miguel Dias, Dario Oliveira, Luís Urbano Production Team: Davide Freitas, Pedro Cardoso, Pedro Maia Support: Câmara Municipal de Vila do Conde, Ministério da Cultura/Instituto das Artes, Goethe-Institut, Lufthansa

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