Space Coast

Produced, directed, edited by Ross McElwee, Michel Negroponte
USA, 1978, 90’, 16mm A look into the lives of three families living on Cape Canaveral five years after the Apollo Moon Landing Program was phased out, adversely affecting the local economy.

Resident Exile

Co-produced, directed, edited by Ross McElwee, Michel Negroponte and Alexandra Anthony
USA, 1981, 30’, 16mm Two months in the life of an Iranian living in Houston, Texas, during the Iranian/American hostage crisis; portrait of a man without a country.

Something to Do with the Wall

Co-produced and directed by Ross McElwee, Marilyn Levine
USA, 1990, 90’, 16mm A portrait of the Checkpoint Charlie area of the Berlin Wall by two filmmakers who remember growing up with The Wall and The Cold War; a view of Berliners who live near the checkpoint, the American military which controls it, and the tourists who visit it. Filmed in 1986 during the 25th anniversary of the building of The Wall and in 1989, immediately after the opening of The Wall.


Produced and directed by Ross McElwee, Marilyn Levine
USA, 1997, 8’, Betacam SP For WGBH/Boston for the series "Greater Boston Arts" Portrait of the somewhat enigmatic Joseph Kosuth as he visits Boston to oversee the installation of his latest conceptual art work, a work which insists that art exists only as meaning, not as object.


Produced and directed by Ross McElwee
USA, 2002, 6’, Betacam SP For WGBH/Boston Portrait of artist Annette Lemieux selecting 15 slides from 415 submissions in one arduous day of curating for Boston Center for the Arts.


Abbas Kiarostami France/Iran, 2004,73’
The camera accompanies a piece of wood with which the waves are toying, at the beach. People are walking along, by the seaside. The older people stop, look at the waves, then walk away. Nobody goes past now. All that remains is the sea and the waves breaking on the beach. Indistinct shapes on a beach in winter. A group of dogs. A love story. Ducks noisily cross the frame in one direction, then the other. A pond. Nighttime. Frogs. A chorus of sounds. Then, the storm. And finally, dawn.

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