In 1999, I started writing a script for a short film with the working title Pain. It told about a young woman in whose everyday life subconscious visions intrude, shattering her reality into pieces. Eventually, I only used the last scene of the script. The work came to be titled Lasso, and it was my final work for the Academy of Fine Arts, Finland.
Four years later, I completed Cave (2000-2003), a work comprising three short films. Lasso (2000), Thriller (2001) and Cave (2003) are fictitious scenes from a woman’s life, youth and adulthood. I will be screening the films in x-rummet for the first time as one work, a video installation.
During my studies, I became interested in the relationship between the moving image and reality. I was intrigued by the immaterial nature of film and video and their ability to resemble reality and its elements, such as dreams and memories. I thought that films could form a part of personal experience and memory, and steer a person’s conception of him or herself and the world. In Lasso, I approached westerns, which I adored in my youth, their black-and-white set of values reminding me of the society I lived in. I was touched by the questions these films raised about power and by what kind of roles women played in these films and how. Thriller, a horror movie about a young girl growing into adulthood, and Cave, a science fiction film completed two years later, were also, like Lasso, influenced by the world of cinema, the inner organisation of which I studied in my works.
I wanted to shoot on 35mm film to achieve as sharp and rich imagery as possible. Each production phase required a team of 20-40 people. The films were shot by Samuli Saastamoinen. My discussions with Samuli at the script-writing stage, visiting locations and his storyboards, have deeply influenced the images and how they are connected. The soundscape designed by Janne and Ville Jankeri plays an equally important role in the films which have no dialogue. The films are produced by Aino Halonen, who helped turn my impossible ideas into reality.

Salla Tykkä
X-Rummet exhibition

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